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Organic Eggs


New to our enterprise in November are our Organic laying hens. Bought from Cathy and  Ben Wetherden down in Devon (producers of organic pullets) we have three different breedsAnnie and friend with egg hoard! free ranging on the farm.

They are pretty much all in full production and we sell our eggs from ‘The Veg Shed’ and at Shaftesbury and Salisbury markets. They are delicious orange yolked eggs from hens grazing on grass that will make beautiful yellow cakes and pancakes or are equally yummy on their own. Importantly, the hens eat organic layers’ pellets from Bowerings Feeds, which contain strictly non-GM products, to keep the birds happy and healthy. High quality feed, with an excellent nutritional balance, plus fresh grass, clean water and planty of space gives our hens the best life we can offer them.

Annie (our youngest) keeps the hens in check, picks them up for cuddles (!), collects the majority of the eggs and finds the ones not laying in the proper places! It takes a wily chicken to conceal eggs from Annie!

silverlink outside 'The Veg Shed'

Silver link outside ‘The Veg Shed’

Eggs boxed up ready to sell. Thanks Annie!

New chicken house built by French students Jean-Baptiste and Pierre. Merci!

J-B and Pierre outside their finished house.


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