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The new season 2013


We grow vegetables all year round at Kensons farm, of course we have a small portion of that year not sowing but it doesn’t last long. We don’t want to forget 2012 as there were some highs but undeniably it was the worst year in our 12 year record and we really hope the weather will be kinder to us in 2013.

We have already made our seed order for crops that need that early start and longer season. We buy plants in from a nursery called Delfland after carefully selecting the organic seed for them to use. We also grow our own from seed in the propagation tunnel and Hugh does a large amount of direct sowing both in the tunnels and with a  larger Stanhay seed drill in the fields.

We have already sown our first tunnel carrots and next to these are the autumn sown garlic, spring onions, coriander, winter salads and beet spinach. Soon to follow will be lettuce salad, radish, more spring onions and real spinach. Delfland will be looking after the tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes for delivery in April, but we will propagate our own tunnels beans, sweetcorn, basil and salads.

All our regular crops will be grown this year, potatoes, onions, brassicas, beetroot,celeriac, turnips, parsnips, leafy greens and more fact another 10,000 crowns will be planted in our new field in March. We’d better get some early nights with all this work to do!!

Lastly, our hens are really working hard this winter and their laying hasn’t been hanpered by the wet and cold. We’ve been enjoying many egg dishes ourselves.

See you all at market and in The Veg Shed in 2013.


beets and carrots


kensons farm salad


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