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Seedlings are emerging..


The carrots are up! Very slowly, but definitely there in Tunnel 4. They’re a bit later than usual because February was both cold and cloudy. With just a bit of sun during the day, a polytunnel heats up very quickly, and warms the soil.

In the propagation tunnels, the lettuce seedlings are developing well, along with spinach (true spinach rather than leaf beet) and parsley. Yesterday James and one of the students, Simon, planting broad beans in Tunnel 3. These were sown in trays at the end of January, and had grown into fine young plants with strong roots. Getting them going like that, in seed trays, gives them a really good head start and a fighting chance once planted out. It’s a bit risky sowing a bean seed direct in the soil at this time of year, because there are all number of creatures who’d love a nice bean sprout for as meal!

We’ve made a second sowing of lettuce, too, to keep up a continuous supply, as well as more broad beans which are destined for the outdoor plots. As soon as there’s another dry spell, we’ll get the ground ready for them.

Meanwhile, Delfland Nurseries are producing onion seedlings, celeriac, beetroot, leaf beet and cauliflowers for us to plant end of April.

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