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The sun is shining this summer


The warm dry summer has been excellent for most vegetables. July was perhaps a  bit hot, and August a bit dry, but decent temperatures and high light levels mean that the plants are growing well. If we could irrigate the fields easily, things would grow even better, but we only have a limited supply of harvested rain water, and no well or stream. Potatoes have grown very well, with the haulms staying green until just a week or two ago. Harvest will begin later in September. I lifted maincrop onions yesterday, and they are a good size and will dry well because they have matured well with the fine weather. Carrots and parsnips are looking promising (especially now that they’ve had a second weeding!) and the squashes are, dare I say it, looking magnificent. Gem squash, onion (uchiki kuri) and buttercup sqaush are big and healthy with good clean skins. I don’t think we’ve ever had such nice squashes to sell before the end of August.

Meanwhile, in the polytunnels, the tomatoes are ripening beautifully. Truly delicious cherry type ones bursting with sweetness, and larger, juicy salad ones, as well as plum type and some Bulgarian beef steak type. These ones have a pink tinge to them, and are very fleshy and a real treat. At the beginning of the season, we took a gamble and planted a couple of extra rows of the Bulgarian outdoors, and they have come good! Again, thanks to good summer weather. Runners beans and French beans are growing prolifically, tender and stringless. So beans and tomoatoes are the veg of the moment, taking us well into September.

DSC_0021autumn squash


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