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New season squash


The squash harvest has always been one of my favourite times of the year. I love watching them grow, filling the crates on harvest day with a jumble of amazing shapes and colours…and most of all eating! There are a huge amount of recipes for squash and i always say whatever you can do with a potato you can do with a squash…and more. Roast,boil,mash,risotto,curry,slow cook,stuff…….even make into a pudding!

Squash have definately gained popularity over the years and we have a few different varieties to offer, but get them quick as they won’t last long this year. The wet spring caused slow growth and slug damage but those that survived are DELCIOUS, thanks to the glorious sunny weather this summer.

Thanks Simon and Alex for heaving those heavy squash crates...lets eat them now!

Thanks Simon and Alex for heaving those heavy squash crates…lets eat them now!


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