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Kensons farm cut flowers…are back


This year has seen the return of me (Liz!) and my cut flowers. I grew cut flowers for a few years but more babies meant less ME time and less FLOWER time. With all the littles sprouted and off and away, i’ve got time again (veg the priority obviously!) to spend time on beautiful things.

An area of the farmyard that was an old pig shed until two years ago is now a lovely cutting garden. Hugh dismantled the building, took up the concrete floor that had been there for over 30 years, sowed green manure (phaecelia for all you green manure buffs!) and now is a sanctuary of calm and colour!

I’ve been selling my cut flowers at the markets and The Veg Shed since early July and i intend to keep going for another couple of weeks. I’ve enjoyed growing it all and will come back in 2016 with hopefully more. I have just planted my biennials, after sowing in July so hopefully will enjoy a slightly earlier return next year.

Thanks to everyone at market who have shown great interest in the flowers, they definately complement Hugh’s veggies well.

My lovely friend (and talented photograher) Jo Jacobs has just finished snapping away at my flower garden, pics up soon. For now we’ll have to make do with this cosmic image! I love veg but come did nature make this!!??

flower power!!

flower power!!


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