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The flower patch 2016


My favourite flower

From the first foxglove to the abundance of colour and variety that my flower patch had produced this season, i have loved every moment of sowing,plating,harvesting,bunching and selling of these beauties. Nature is amazing and the colours and scents can’t help but make you smile 🙂

My small patch (which i have stuffed full!) has supplied three weddings, many markets from May  and other occasion orders in between.


With successional sowing i’m still managing to harvest statice,dahlias,zinnias,astrantias,nigella,verbena,gypsophilia and a few others that will hopefully take me to the first frost



This year at market i have been asked frequently how i grow my dahlias. I don’t dig up in autumn but lay old carpet down after i have trimmed them down.In Spring i remove the carpet and hoe like mad to eliminate any slug eggs waiting to hatch and feast! When they start appearing i build sand rings with builders sharp sand. Some slugs are bold,fearless and obviously don’t feel pain but most stay away and the dahlias get high enough that the slugs get bored and find some thing else to munch on (the veg usually!). My beds also aren’t surrounded by grass but by concrete farmyard and i tend to clear away any big stones or wood were they can hide, wooden raised beds are a great slug hotel!

The next job is the planting of my over wintering biennials (foxgloves,sweet williams,wallflowers,hesperis) that i sowed late June and of course bulb planting in November for those early Spring bouquets. I will also sow sweet peas this autumn as they are a hardy annual to give me a strong early flower (in the tunnel) from April.

Liz 🙂






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