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Veg availability 20th April until 25th April


The Veg Shed will be open this week WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY 10a.m til 6pm and SATURDAY 10a.m til 1pm. The 10a.m opening is important to allow us to pick and let all the farm dogs out for a run. Thanks.

This week we will definitely have cauliflowers,spinach and salad. The purple sprouting is nearly over and low availability. We will have the watercress from Arlesford also, some Long Crichel bread fresh on Wednesday.

Flowers: the fantastic tulips are now over and i am just waiting for the Sweet Peas, Ammi, Larkspur, Orlaya etc to begin. I will have a few ranunculus posies this week.

ASPARAGUS….this is what we are waiting for! We are hoping that we’ll start to see some emerge this week and will keep you all posted IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you all for supporting Kensons Farm.

Availability note: we don’t use our website as much as social media, if you’d like more up to date info, follow us on INSTAGRAM the vegshedatkensonsfarm and kensonsfarm and kensonsfarmflowers. Also facebook Kensons Farm and Liz Barrah for flowers.

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